High End Systems

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High End Systems
W: 678.1 × D: 701.3 × H: 205.8mm
17.5 kg Device only
AC Power:
90-250VAC 50/60Hz
・1x 22” multi-touch screen
・1x external DVI-I monitor supported, touch or multi-touch
・10x master playbacks with non-motorized faders and master control keys
•12x Button function keys
• Local DMX-512 outputs: 4x Neutrik 5-pin XLR
•4,098 output channels, expandable with DP8K processors (Not available to use 4x DMX 5-pin XLR isolated output on the back at the same time)
•Art-Net and E1.31/sACN: up to 8 universes
•E1.31/sACN outputs: 1x 1GB/s Ethernet port
• Local HogNet 1GB/s Ethernet port
• USB 2.0 ports: 2 rear, 1 front
• USB 3.0 port: 2 rear
• Unrestricted connectivity to visualizers via encrypted Fixture-Net Visualizer Stream. (Art-Net and sACN to visualizers are also supported but restricted by system’s total output capacity)
• Input power cable
• 1x blue/white desk lamp
• 1x Recovery USB drive
• 1x Storage USB drive
• Keyboard
• Mouse
• USB Hub
Expandable Options:
• Playback expansion via Master Wing 4, Playback Wing 4, Mini Wing 4
• Expandable DMX-512 outputs via USB DMX Widgets(1 universe/per): up to 4 units
• USB DMX Super Widget (4 universes/per): up to 1 unit
• Unlimited DMX-512, Art-Net and E1.31/sACN universes via
HogNet-connected DMX Processors (HPU or DP8K)
External monitors
We are currently, Dec. 2020, unavailable to prep for expandable options.
Load Case Dimensions:
Flight Case:
W: 765 × D: 332 × H: 935mm included casters